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Sofía Figueroa


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About Sofía

Born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Sofía Figueroa is an artist and actress with a colorful culture. Having lived a nomadic life across Latin America, her relationships have formed into a mosaic of different religions, races, cultures, and backgrounds. Her interests in storytelling go beyond the art itself; Sofía seeks to understand the impact that stories provide in a person’s life through the many flavors and forms the story may take on.


Having graduated from New York University with a BFA degree in Theater, and a BA degree in Political Science, Sofía seeks to explore the intersectionality between politics and theater. Sofía has polished her artistic skills as an actress in the Meisner Conservatory Studio and Stonestreet Film Studio at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Nonetheless, her interests are far reaching and explorative, allowing her to approach projects with an open mind. Her fascination with the human behavior, and the duality between impulse and order, is what makes her artistry and identity so unique. Sofía strives for a world where, through theater, people can become more enlightened, educated, informed, and influenced, thereby creating social change. Constantly seeking to connect and collaborate with the community around her, Sofía is appreciating the journey of life, and hopes to make a lasting impression and impact on the people she connects with.


Contact Info


Sofía Figueroa

Brooklyn, New York

NY, 11237​

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