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Actress Sofía Figueroa on how she's using art to unite immigrants with her project HOME

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Actress Sofía Figueroa is uplifting the voices of international artists in the US and building community during the global pandemic.


Al Día News

In the 3rd episode of Cuéntame, AL DÍA spoke with Sofía Figueroa, an actress and activist from NYC.

Voyage ATL Interview
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Meet actress and artist Sofia Figueroa and what projects is she currently working on.

The 2020 Miranda Family 'Voces Latinx' Playwriting Competition
That Drive Thru Monterey.jpeg

Sofia Figueroa played the lead role, Monterey, in Lin-Manuel Miranda's family's playwriting competition. The play she was in, That Drive Thru Monterey, won first place.

Theater Review From My Seat

A review of the play, Veinticinco--the myth of the brain, starring Sofía Figueroa and performed in the The Tank Theater, NYC

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